Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum

Appleton Estate V/X is an 80 proof rum blended and bottled in Jamaica.

A bottle of Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum

The nose of Appleton Estate is surprisingly fruity, with notes of pear, peach, mango, and banana. Underlying all that is the scent of sugar that is typical of almost all rums, and a faint hint of oak. I would be quite contented to simply sniff this rum without ever even tasting it! Appleton is taking a new position as my favorite smelling rum.

Of course though, I did end up tasting it. On my palate, the oak which was barely detectable to my nose is the predominant flavor. The sugar taste is right behind that, along with the banana taste. The liquor finishes with a peach note that works very well with the burn of the alcohol in my mouth. There is also the faintest flutter of apple or pear once the peach fades. After decanting for a few minutes in my glass, the fruit tastes open up and become detectable in the initial wash of flavor.

Appleton Estate is extremely smooth and feels light in the mouth. Certainly it has alcohol, and the alcohol is noticeable, but only in a pleasant and soft fashion. I find this rum to be very enjoyable to sip neat. As a mixer I believe this rum would also work, but of course many of the finer flavors would get lost. At under $20 for a bottle, the price is very reasonable for a dual-purpose rum!

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  1. Todd says:

    I’m definitely curious to see what this one smells like, and possibly lightly coat my tongue with it. This site makes me regret, somewhat, my decision to stop consuming alcohol. My liver still thanks me, though. ;)

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