Talisker 10 Year Scotch Whisky

Box of Talisker 10 Year Scotch, produced on the Isle of Skye

Produced on the Isle of Skye, Talisker is a Scotch whisky that is very similar in style to that of the Islay region, even though technically it is an Island Scotch (or even more technically, a Highland Scotch since there is some debate about whether the Islands are even a recognized region!) It stands at 45.8% Alcohol by Volume.

This is a serious Scotch that would probably be a bit too intense for a beginner. On the nose there are intense earthy notes, with iodine and smoldering peat being quite pronounced. There is a distinct peppery quality as well that hits the back of the nose; quite a pleasant feeling.

In the mouth this whisky is quite heavy; almost syrupy in its consistency. The flavors prove to be equally heavy, with iodine and seaweed being the first things noticed. Behind that is the peat, and a distinctly smoky taste that becomes even more pronounced on the finish. This is an extremely rich Scotch, and I’m even noticing the faintest hint of caramel as I roll it around on my tongue. A hint of salty sea spray stays just at the edge of perception.

Talisker 10 Year Scotch is the sort of whisky that one should really take time to enjoy. Pour a glass neat and take slow sips over the course of several hours while reading, watching a movie, or talking amongst friends. This is just about the perfect Scotch for these purposes, and you will want to savor every drop.

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