Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey is a higher-tier offering from the company that brought Jack Daniel’s Old #7 into the world. It is still a Tennessee Whiskey, and so is made using a few different process steps than for a bourbon.

50ml Bottle of Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey

The nose of Gentleman Jack is very similar to regular Jack Daniel’s, but is more complex and refined. The banana scent is still prominent, but it seems much sweeter. Even though the alcohol content is the same as regular Jack Daniels, 40%, I believe I can detect a hint more of it in the odor. A nice and rich aged oaken smell makes a strong appearance, as well as a hint of coconut. This whiskey is a real pleasure to smell, and yet at the same time it is shocking how similar the scent is to the regular offering.

In the mouth, Gentleman Jack is much more balanced than the Jack Daniels old #7. The oak taste is right up there with the bananas, and the two go together much better than it seems they should. The banana taste disappears shortly after sipping, but the oak lingers on in a similar fashion to the whiskey Woodford Reserve. Actually, that is what this tastes like; it is as though someone blended Woodford Reserve with Jack Daniel’s Old #7. The combination seems better than either of the two as they stand alone. This is a very dry whiskey, as the sweetness the nose hints at is all but absent on the palate. There is a very minimal hint of charcoal just on the edge of perception.

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